Holiday Traditions.

Easter was yesterday and I know here in my area it was a beautiful day with sunshine and a good temperature. Our day was spent waking up by the kids, them searching for their Easter baskets, having an Easter egg hunt and coloring eggs. Last night I started thinking about all the holiday traditions we have.

Thanksgiving we get together with all the different families at their dinners, where I always make the pumpkin pie. Christmas eve we all wear Christmas pajamas, wake up on Christmas morning and exchange gifts from under the tree after the kids see what Santa has brought them and than make our rounds to all the different family member’s homes for exchanging of presents and food. Halloween we carve pumpkins, bake pumpkin seeds and of course go trick-or-treating.

While I was growing up my favorite things I remember from all the different holidays are the traditions that we did every year. We got a small Valentines gift, got Easter baskets, had Easter egg hunts, colored eggs, carved pumpkins, baked pumpkin seeds, baking during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, got new Christmas tree ornaments, day after Thanksgiving put up Christmas tree and decorations, etc. These traditions was so important and memorable for me that when I started having children I decided to pass on my favorites to my children. Unfortunately my husband did not have many traditions at all so he has become apart of mine. We were actually discussing a few of his that he liked, which were so different from mine and were ones I have never heard of before. The main one he mentioned that his family did for Easter was his mom would cook eggs she would make a small hole at the top of the egg and dump the egg in the pan, she kept the egg shells so they could fill them up with glitter, powder and whatever they I wanted to. When Easter came they would take the egg shells and smash them onto other people’s heads. It is amazing how different cultures can have such different holiday traditions.

Now I am wanting to add some other special traditions into our holidays. My traditions I had through my childhood was so important and memorable that I want my children to experience that. I want my children to pass on their favorite traditions to their children. So please share some of your favorite traditions and give me some ideas that I can add to ours. Hope everyone had a great and blessed Easter yesterday!


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