Our Country’s Legacy

The new President has been announced officially to be Trump. I know this has been one of the most historical presidencies yet. Granted we have had our first “black” president, now we will have our first non-politician president. I am not one to argue and get into controversial issues, but this one I do have some things I would like to say. To start off I would like to warn you, I voted for Trump! I do not want to start a debate or argument with this post so please keep all comments civil, but I would still like to hear your take.

Like I said I voted for Trump. I voted for him for several reasons, but the main one is the fact that I believe our country is in trouble and I do blame Obama for that. So why would I want to vote for Clinton when she is so much like him. I also like the idea of having a businessman in office than a life-long politician. I believe a business man or woman can help get our debt under control, help with immigration, trade, and getting our country back on track. That is their job of running a business, try to control the debt and increase profits and make sure the business is successful.

There are a few reasons I do not like Clinton, and some of them include the fact that I do believe her to be a criminal. I do not think it to be fair that she supposedly got away with putting the security of our great nation in jeopardy. Her responsibility as Secretary of Defense was GREAT, and I see that she completely failed! I am all for a woman as President, but I do not believe she is the woman for the job.

Now I would like to briefly talk about the Trump and Clinton supporters. I will first say that I will be criticizing a littl the Clinton supporters, but I do not condone the wrong things that the Trump supporters have done. There is nothing wrong with protesting, it is our right to do so, but lets make sure it is done in a tasteful manner. There is a right way and a wrong way to protest. You should not protest in a way that puts yourself or others in danger or harms way, whether it be protesters or bystanders. Protesting should not involve illegal activity like destruction of property, unless it is your own personal property, which is your right. From what I saw during the campaign and after there where tons more Clinton supporters protesting in a way that caused harm to others, involved illegal activity and destruction of property. It is everyone’s right to protest but please do it right and be safe.

Obama’s office has been dealt with for 8 years now and I have personally had enough. I have seen and heard  of many people, including my husband and I, that has dealt with the backlash from Obama Care, which is a complete piece of bull!!! The cost of insurance for most has doubled if not more, there is less coverage for that cost and the bills have become outrageous. Personally myself I will give you a little example: my family’s insurance cost has doubled, I have to pay a co-pay at every doctor’s appointment even if it is a physical and when I gave birth to our youngest last year I owed more to the hospital than what I did with our other children and when I tried to make arrangements to make payments they said I had to either pay it all in full or get a line of credit with this bank they have a program with. I understand the idea of Obama Care was to allow more people to be able to get coverage and make it required to have coverage, but it is doing nothing but hurting the hard working families of America and basically punishing them.

Those are just a few of my opinions and point of views. If I offended anyone I do apologize, that was not my intentions. Now I do have a lot more to say on this topic, but will post in a later post if I wish too, want to make sure this one is not too long. Please visit and like my Facebook page, Career Mom. Have a Merry Christmas!


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