Oh How Babies can be so Stubburn!!

Well my youngest, miss Scarlett, will be 5 months tomorrow; WOW how time flies! When my other two children were this age I had them eating baby food and baby rice cereal, and could drink juice and breast milk out of a bottle. Well Scarlett is a whole different baby and she is definitely making her mark and making a stand on being different than her siblings.

When she was 3 months old, almost 4 months, I started with giving her a little rice cereal mixed with breast milk. She did not do so well. I have noticed that there is one big difference between Scarlett and the other two which is, that I was able to get them to drink from a bottle when they were 6 weeks or so, Scarlett I have never been able to get her to take a bottle. The other two knew how to suck from a rubber nipple from the bottle, when I started feeding them from the spoon they just sucked it off. Scarlett refuses to suck on a bottle and therefore refuses to suck the cereal off the spoon.

Since she refuses to suck the cereal off the spoon I just scrap the spoon against her gums to get it into her mouth, now I will say it is not much at all that I have on the spoon. After that she plays with it with her tongue and either pushes it out or refuses to swallow which causes her to gag. Today I was doing the dishes and had my husband feed her some cereal. After about 2 minutes he came into the kitchen and stated he is not feeding her anymore because she keeps gagging.

Sometimes when I do not have fresh breast milk to mix with the cereal I will mix with either water or apple juice. So when my husband told me she kept gagging I just assumed it might be too clumpy and thick so I mixed more apple juice in it to making it thinner. Well that so did not do the trick. It seems like when I feed her the cereal she just refuses to swallow and does not want to take anything else besides breast milk straight from the breast.

Because of this issue, that I feel is gradually getting worse and causing some major problems that I have not experienced before. I feel like I cannot get anything done because I have to drag her with me everywhere I go, with her refusing the bottle and spoon, and when I get started with cleaning or doing anything she wakes up or wants the breast. I am just at a lost for words and at this point I do not know what else to do to get her to either take a bottle or eat off a spoon and actually swallow the food. I could really use some tips, advise and encouragement. Any mothers that have dealt with this please help!



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