Being a Homeowner….Is it or Is it Not Worth It?

The saying “It gets worse before it gets better” it is a really true statement. Life in general always seems to go along with that statement. Things was really starting to look up for us. We paid off a few debt bills with our taxes that helps us monthly and having the hopes of paying more towards debt bills to pay them off quicker and being able to save some money for Christmas, vacations and emergencies. Than I get hit with an issue with my big student loan and the payment increasing on us. That is the short version with the debt and bills, now lets talk about our house.

We have had an issue with the roof within the last year with leaks and found out the entire roof needs redone, when it should be another 10 years before it would need done. It is more than just the shingles that need to be replaced, there are sections in the roof that needs more done. Because of all the issues we got a 10K estimate of the roof, so of course it could cost more or less than that. Unfortunately we do not have the money to fix the roof so we are trying to fix it gradually. We have purchased the shingles for a section of the roof that all is needed is a new layer of shingles. With a high cost like that it makes you wonder if owning your own home is worth it. I get my doubts every now and then, especially when something like this happens, but it is still worth it.

With owning your own home you have your very own personal space that no one can take from you. You can live in it and decorate it any way you want. You can remodel what you want where as an apartment you probably would not be able to do much of anything. I love having a space that is home and 100% mine.

Well yesterday came another situation that made me doubt if it is worth it. Our kitchen sink started to back up when I ran the water, it did this about 4 years ago, so there must be a clog in the pipes somewhere. We put Drano down the sink and it helped a little but not much at all. Than to top this all off our downstairs toilet and shower is getting backed up too. I called our plumbing company that we use and they were too busy to come by yesterday so now I have to wait till sometime this morning when they will hopefully get to my house. I just have to hope it is nothing too serious and can be fixed without us having to spend a whole lot of money, we sure do not have much to spend.

If you are in the buying market make sure you do not make the mistake we made by jumping into a house that we thought was decent and was the right price. Make sure you look at everything and include every aspect of that house and community into your decision. I knew about the school district because it was the school I went to and the community because I lived in this community since I was 5 years old. We knew our house was an older home and needed some updating and some work, but we did not consider completely how much that could cost us. We do not have the knowledge to complete all the work ourselves and do not have the money to pay someone to complete all the work at once. So best of luck to you all and at the end owning your own home is well worth the risk and stress.


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