My name is Talia Diaz, married to Oscar Diaz in May 2010. We have three children: Xander (2007) 8 years old, Arianna (2011) 4 years old, and Scarlett (2015) 3 months. We have been together for 9 years. I have received my Bachelor’s in Technical Management and a MBA. I have bounced back and forth from job to job and to homemaker. Cannot really find a company to establish my career with and now I am attempting to make my own career for myself and work from home. I am staring this blog to get all that started and do something I enjoy, talk about my family. My education specializes in HR so I am looking into doing some consulting work for small and medium size companies. I enjoy spending time with my children, husband, and other family members. I like to watch my children doing things they enjoy and be involved with their activities, like cub scouts, soccer, baseball and dance. I hope some of my experiences that I will mention and talk about can help others or at least be entertaining. I enjoy reading, soccer, crafts, and baking, I also enjoy coaching my children in soccer and being my son’s cub scout den leader.

Visit my facebook page at facebook.com/careermom


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