Full time Homemaker….Oh How it Can be Difficult Sometimes!

I love being a stay at home mom! I enjoy spending time with my children and helping them with their school work or their activities. Having the ability and freedom to rest, take naps and watch TV when I can and when I want to is very nice. I love being available to take my children to their activities and really being involved in their lives and having the freedom to do activities during the day when I would otherwise be at a job.

My biggest hurdle is the housework. No one likes to do chores and spend their time cleaning, but it is obviously a must. It is also hard to complete a lot of the house chores when I have a 3 month old breastfed baby attached to me very often. I will start a chore and get stuck possibly not being able to finish them and have to tend to the baby.

I recently posted about my chore plan for my two older children, now I am working on a chore plan for myself. I need to find some way where I can get the daily house chores done like picking up and dishes as well as the more deep cleaning house chores done like mopping and dusting. My plan so far is obviously have my daily house chores down to do and every day have a specific room in the house to clean in more depth. For example, Kitchen and laundry room on Monday, Living room and dining room on Tuesday, bedrooms on Wednesday, office and back room on Thursday and finally have Friday available to clean other rooms and anything that I did not get to. Of course I would have the weekend off from the deeper cleaning.

Cleaning is not a favorite of mine in the least so finding the motivation to follow this house chore plan will be difficult for me. I like my plan that I have come up with, I do think it will help with the stress of feeling like there is so much to do and not enough time to do it in. But again I just really struggle with the motivation to actually get up and do these house chores. I know I need to lean on my husband for encouragement and support, but would love some support from you. Please share your advice, encouragement and tips on how you complete all your house work in such a busy day.


2 thoughts on “Full time Homemaker….Oh How it Can be Difficult Sometimes!

  1. It’s funny, every time I come up with a cleaning routine, life happens! Things are constantly changing with little ones! My biggest piece of advice would be to just love on that 3 month old! It’s a lot of work in itself😉 Just do what you can, and don’t feel guilty about what you didn’t get done!

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    1. I know what you mean. I do spend lots of time with my children and that is why my house work is getting behind. I guess it is just hard not feeling guilty and feeling like I am not doing my job. Thanks for the support!!!!

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