The End of the Year!!

Now Christmas has ended and the a New Year is about to start, what is everybody doing and thinking? What do you do with all those Christmas presents? What do you plan with your children on New Years Eve? Do you set New Years resolutions?

I myself think after Christmas with all three of my children’s presents can become chaos and makes my house look like a tornado went to town.  Trying to organize and clean up the mess can take me days. Finding space for all the new clothes, deciding where to put the toys and figuring out what to do with all the trash while we wait for trash day. I run a daycare out of my home, so my children sometimes get presents that I do not want the daycare children to mess or play with, so finding space for those that is out of the way can be a task as well. All the baking I do during this time gives me a stack of sweets in my kitchen, which my kitchen is small as it is and I already do not have much counter space. This year was thankfully not too bad, I got everything put away and mostly organized the day after Christmas.

Now Christmas is over it is time to get ready for New Years. With us being a family of five and parents to three young children we like to spend New Years Eve with them as a family, so no more out partying for us right now. We watch the traditional New Years Eve shows with music and the crazy stunts and of course the ball drop. We make some appetizer foods, my husband and I drink a little of adult drinks and we get the kids sparkling grape juice. We play games to pass the time and for entertainment, which can be really fun!

Talking about ending the year 2016 and beginning the year 2017 makes me excited for a new year. This past year has been good at times and stressful at others. For the most part this year for my family has not been that eventful, but for the country we have had a busy and stressful year. I am looking forward for a great new year. First thing I am looking forward to is paying off the SUV in March!! Trying to start a new business or find a great career job that utilizes my degrees. Hopefully save some money and be able to take an actual trip this summer for our vacation. Work on fixing up the house and be able to put it on the market if not this year next year. Lots of ideas, dreams, wishes and resolutions. I just need to keep reminding myself to keep them realistic because last thing I want to do is set myself and family up for failure with resolutions and goals that is out of reach for the year.

I wish the best for everyone for a great new year and hope things go your way. Make life changing decisions and realistic resolutions! Looking forward to success in 2017!!!!



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