Children and Their Activities!!

I am a mother of three, son who is almost 9 years old, a daughter who is 5 and another daughter who is 10 months. My son has been involved in many different activities over the years including soccer, baseball, cub scouts and the new venture of Karate. My 5 year old is starting to get involved with activities as well. She has been doing dance for now 3 years, but this is her first year in soccer and she is starting girl scouts.

All these organizations, for the most part, rely so much on parent involvement and volunteering. I grew up playing soccer through my childhood, high school and even college so being involved with the soccer association is not new to me and I enjoy that. I have coached both of my children, referee games and a new venture for me is volunteering for the committee. When my son joined cub scouts last year the pack was in the process of reorganizing, which meant there was no volunteers.

So for the pack to stay open we (as in the parents) had to fill a certain amount of volunteer spots. So of course, not wanting to drive a little distance to a different pack, volunteered as my son’s den leader. I knew nothing in regards to the cub scouts and it was all new to me, and with my son moving up a level this year and still being his den leader, it is still new to me. I pride myself with being able to be apart of my sons organization like that, it gives us something new and different to bond over. If my husband did not work second shift he would have been the one to volunteer as den leader.

I have enjoyed this time with my son so much I have volunteered for my daughter’s girl scouts troop. Now the troop is in a similar situation, I guess there are so many girls in this area that there is a new opportunity to start a new troop for kindergarteners and first graders. So of course they needed at least 2 parent volunteers to be able to move forward. I hate the idea of my daughter not being able to be apart of this and try something new. So of course I have volunteered as a troop leader.

I am a firm believer in the idea of my children trying any sport or activity they want, if we can afford it, to find things that they love and enjoy. I would have never knew how much I love and enjoy soccer if I never had the opportunity to try it. Children, especially in this day and age, need something other than video games and electronics to play and do in their spare time. Being apart of sports and organizations teaches them so many values and morals.

To give an example of a teaching: this year is my son’s first time being on a travel soccer team. So he will be in his first tournament here at the end of the season. He is about to turn 9 and we have been planning his birthday party. The weekend of his tournament is the same weekend of his birthday party. If they win their game on Saturday they will play Sunday at 1:30 and his party is Sunday at 3:00. I had to explain to him that we needed to reschedule his party just in case to the next weekend. If they win on Saturday than he needs to be a team player and be there at the game on Sunday and it would be too last minute to inform everyone of needing to reschedule the party, plus there is usually one person that does not RSVP. He still does not completely understand the reasoning of rescheduling his party, but he will. I feel it was the right thing to do.

All these activities and me volunteering for most of them can make for a busy life, but I would not have it any other way. My children mean the world to me and I want the best for them. So worth the time and craziness!


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