I Got To Have IT !!!!!!

Here it is, the Christmas Season. Your children ask for EVERYTHING, but of course it is not reasonable to give them everything. I try very hard to give them lots of what they need, few things they want, some educational items and lastly some family items (like board games) under the tree. This year I have done pretty good with controlling my obsession of buying the kids tons of things, I have a habit of buying to much and spending too much money during this time of year; this year it is just not feasible due to finances.

Especially if you are on social media, watch the news or browse the internet you see every year there are “it” toys. This year it seems to be Hatchamils and the Nintendo NES Classic Edition console. Do any of your children want these items? My kids could care less about these two, thank goodness!! But when it comes to the Nintendo console my husband and I really want it. We grew up playing the original game console and love those games. I forgot all about staying up late and trying to buy it online the day it came out and searched the following day, yeah no way in the world was I going to get one. They are sold out everywhere, and still are! You can still buy them but they are so marked up that it is ridiculous to spend that amount on something that is only worth $60.

What I have found is that these consoles are marked up 2X to 4X more than the full price retail amount. I am sorry but my husband and I can wait to purchase one when they come back in-stock, which I understand can take a long while. I refuse to spend $250 to $400 for this!! I do not care about the Hatchimals and my children have not asked for that item. I have not really followed much about it. I know stores are starting to get them back in stock but selling out quickly. Please do not stress about making sure you get one of these items for Christmas.

Believe it or not your children will be just fine if you do not give them everything they have asked for. If you are one of those parents that buys your child everything they ask for for their birthday and Christmas than they will grow up to expect that every year. They will become spoiled and entitled! No matter what kind of parent you are, whether you give your child everything or you limit the wants they get, we all love our children dearly. This will not change a thing, besides your finances.  Children do need to learn that you have to earn things, work hard for what you want, not to expect too much, you don’t get everything you what, etc.

I am also a huge bargain  shopper too, so spending an outrageous amount of money on one item for Christmas is just not realistic for me at all. I want to teach my children the real meaning of Christmas, giving to others and showing that you care. As a family, which I mean parents, grandparents and cousins, have decided to adopt a family for Christmas this year; this is something we will be doing every year as a tradition. There are others out there that do not have things that you have, do not have jobs, etc. I want my children to become good and caring individuals and I think this is a great way to teach them this lesson.

Please everyone have a Merry Christmas!! Stay safe, stay sane and stay stress-free!!!!!

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