An Undecided Life…..

Over the years I swore I knew what I wanted to do for a living. I had goals in mind and somewhat of a path and plan to achieve them, but life happens. When I became a mother, almost 9 years ago, I decided to go back to college. Being a stay at home mom and a husband that works second shift I had to be flexible, which I found online schooling to be the best.

After a while I completed my Bachelor’s with honors. I started to search for a job or internship months before I was due to graduate. I got nothing, not even an interview! Months after I graduated my students loans were coming due and with me not having a job yet we could not afford the payments. So I decided, much earlier than originally planned, to go back to school to complete my MBA.

Like “deja vu” the same think happened all over again. I started searching for a job or internship several months before I was due to graduate. And all over again I got nothing. I did tons of research on refining my resume and trying to make myself more appealing but to no avail. I finally got a basic job in retail hoping to get into home office in a near by city.

After everything I went through with getting a higher education and the job search I started to doubt myself. I wonder all the time is getting my degrees worth it, especially getting my MBA. All the jobs I have been looking at either require more experience than I have or are so entry level that I am probably considered over qualified. All I need is one person and one company to give me a chance.

I really want to give HR a shot since I went through all that trouble and hard work to complete both of my degrees and get a good GPA. I also have a desire to have my own business, which is relevant with my degrees as well. I have a mental argument daily and lots of times multiple times a day. What to do? It is hard to have a positive outlook on life and a career when you get turned down at every angle.  I have to tell myself daily to stay positive, keep working hard and try to find something that I would enjoy doing and that would make me successful.

I know I am not the only one who fights with themselves daily on their life choices and/or career. I want you to know you are not alone. We can all stick together and keep our heads up high. Just remember there is a path for you and if you have not found it yet, you will.


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