A Trip to the Emergency Room.

I have not wrote anything for a couple of weeks due to a small medical situation that caused a bunch of pain and took awhile before I returned to my normal self. Two weeks ago today I had to take a little trip to the ER, I have not been there for a long while. All the pain started a little before lunch and gradually started to get worse, I did not think much of it when it all started because I thought it was female cramping. The pain did get more intense that I was thinking it was an ovarian cyst.

I was at a lost of what to do, I have never been in that much pain before. I have given birth to three children that caused tons of pain during labor, but the difference was that labor pain came and left in intervals, this pain was constant with no relief what so ever. When I got to the hospital I did not have to wait in the lobby for ever before getting any medical attention and meds. Once the pain moved to my right side and lower back I started thinking it might be something else.

My cousin took me to the ER, my mother met us there and my husband called off work and stayed home with the kids. I waited in the waiting room for what felt like forever, but was around an hour or so. I sat there squirming in a wheelchair, not being able to find a position to help with the pain and moaning in pain, during this time we kept checking with reception and nurses on when they were going to take me. Of course we see them take others, that were there before me, but was not in as much of an emergency as I was back to a room while I am suffering. I am usually a very understanding person, but it took everything I had to not yell, curse and punch the hospital personnel.

They finally took me back to a room and I waited in my bed for about a minute before I hit my help button, I told the nurse I needed pain meds like yesterday and a few minutes later the doctor came in. I finally got an IV started that they took blood and gave me meds. I was in so much relief because that pain I could not deal with anymore, I was also nauseous and got sick twice at home. After all was said and done a couple of hours later I got a diagnoses of Kidney stones. This is the first time I have ever experienced this. I was given a pain prescription and a nausea prescription.

Towards the end of the ER visit my husband had to bring the kids to me because the baby needed to eat and was not taking breast milk from the bottle. I had one nurse tell me that it was not recommended for me to feed her with the medicine they gave me in the IV and I for sure could not feed her with the prescription they were giving me. I was confused because I told the nurses and the doctor that I am 100% breast feeding my baby. Than I finally found out I could feed her with the medicine they gave me, but if I were to take the prescription pain meds I could not feed her on those.

This was a very stressful decision for me to make because my kids mean everything to me and they are more important to me than myself. But what to do? I was in so much pain before they gave me the medicine and what was I to do if the pain was to come back. I did luck out with the pain not coming back with the intensity it did have. I was able to control it with a heating pad, laying down almost all day and Tylenol. This situation did make me think on why there are not more studies in regards to medicine and breast feeding. I do understand a little because to do a study they would probably have to give the medicine to breast feeding mothers, unless they use mothers who are done feeding their children in that way and still producing milk. Milk could be suppressed and tested to see what amount if any of the medicine is present in the milk supply. I will say when I am done feeding my little one I will volunteer for this study. More just needs to be done for breast feeding mothers, especially in situations similar to this one. Because I am a true believer in “Breast is Best.”



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