The Vision of a Child.

Two days ago was our son, Xander’s annual eye doctor’s appointment. I knew what to expect but it still hits hard when his eye prescription needs to be 3 lenses stronger. It might not be a major medical issue but it still hurts to see that my son will have to live with glasses or contacts for the rest of his life.

A few years ago we started to notice him squinting while sitting on the couch watching his cartoons. When he learned how to read a digital clock he would have to move very close to the cable box to be able to read the time. At first I thought is was a phase because I only noticed him doing it occasionally than it started to get worse by being all the time.

My husband and I scheduled our fist eye appointment, we asked the doctor about Xander and she said to schedule him an appointment. So his first appointment happened a year ago, which he wanted his father to go in the room with him and not me. My husband was telling me what the doctor was saying about Xander being extremely near sighted. She said that his eyes were long which was causing him to be near sighted. We were told that as he gets older it will get worse and will eventually stabilize and stay the same.

Well Monday was the year mark where we realized that his eyes are getting worse. I can only imagine what it is like for him looking at things without his glasses. After they filled his first prescription a year ago, we went to pick them up and to try them out the nurse was explaining to us what it probably is like for him without the glasses. She said imagine looking a tree across the street and not even be able to see the leaves, even individual leaves, it is more like a colored blurry blob. I remember the first few days with him wearing his glasses and how he said what he was seeing, it was like he has never seen certain things before.

When we were there this week the doctor said he has moved up 3 lenses, with him growing and his eyes growing his vision is getting worse. One big thing I remember about Xander’s first set of glasses that he got last year was when he went to school for the first time. His teacher made a comment to him about how she is glad that he finally got glasses. When Xander told me that it just made me think why the teacher never said anything about her thoughts with Xander needing glasses. He is our first child and we have never dealt with bad eye sight like this. I in a way feel she should have at least mentioned something to me, but at least we got it taken care of.

We had no clue what we were doing and we chose a pair of glasses that was not too expensive and I thought would be suitable for him and his age, wow was I wrong. The glasses in the picture above is the first pair we chose, he has bent those things so much that they do not even sit right on his face. He constantly squints his nose to push them up, which is something he does about every couple of minutes. Well the new pair, which we have not picked up yet, are a thick plastic pair. The nice thing about these is that they do not bend, I am now just praying he does not break them or snap them in two. All I can say is that I am very proud of my son and he is trooper.


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