Happy National Napping Day!!

I guess yesterday was National Napping Day, and of course I took a little cat nap. I never knew this day existed, but might as well since there are several nonsense type days like this one out there. I use to take naps everyday or almost everyday, now I do not take naps that often.

For me, having fibromyalgia and being a mother of three, naps can be a lifesaver. When my chronic pain is acting up sometimes I have to take a nap. The pain can get to the point where I can’t do anything at all, but sit on the couch and lay down. So having the opportunity to take a nap at times can make my sanity and the sanity of my family much better. It can help with the pain, along with medicine if needed, as well as the depression that commonly comes along with fibromyalgia a lot of the time. You know the saying “if mom is happy than everyone is happy,” sometimes naps can help make this saying come true. I know there are times I can get grumpy and my patience can get tested, naps can help with all that.

Now when the kids take a naps that just gives you a chance to have some “me” time or get things done. I know with my kids they can get grumpy or fussy when they get tired and when that happens they can be hard to be around or to deal with. Unfortunately my son who is 8 does not take naps anymore at all, but I am lucky that my middle child is 4 and still likes to take naps. I remember when my son Xander was her age he refused to take naps at all. Than finally I have the baby who of course takes a few naps a day. Xander is at school all day, but Arianna only goes to preschool which is not all day, so at times that I feel like taking a nap I like to do it when the kids are taking their naps.

So if you or someone you know takes naps either on a regular basis or every now and then please take it easy on them. I know my husband use to give me a really hard time about taking naps when there was cleaning to do. I have also read articles that are stating that some studies have been done and has shown that naps can be healthy for you. Sometimes there are medical or mental reasons that that person might be taking naps, like my fibromyalgia or could be because they are so busy and running around with the kids and they need to reboot themselves. Taking a nap could cause that person not to snap on you later on, so do not give them a hard time. Let the kids take naps no matter what the age is because they will be easier to deal with and will most likely better behaved. So hope you all enjoyed National Napping Day and if you missed it don’t worry, make your own National Napping Day!


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