Chores, the kids first job!

We have always had the kids do things like pick up their rooms and let the dog outside and things like that, but never had an organized chore chart and daily plan. I have been meaning to do this for a very long time, but has always been one of those things that has gone by the waist side. I really want to make sure my kids know and understand that you have to work hard for the things you want and that you always have to do your best. So to encourage completing the chores we have added an allowance that is linked with the chores.

With Xander being 8 years old we have decided so far that he is to complete picking up his room, making his bed, helping with laundry, helping with dishes, helping with trash, feed the dog and school work. For these chores he gets $5.00 a week, and our son can have an issue with whining about things he doesn’t want to do, so we agreed that if it becomes an issue or he gets into trouble he gets money taken away from his allowance. We are doing the same thing with Arianna, but she is only 4 years old, so her list consists of picking up her room, make her bed, help with laundry, school work and feed the cat.

We have started this weekly chore and allowance this Sunday. Sunday I will say was a fight because they got some money taken away from their allowance and was not listening too well. After that initial first day we have been doing great. As soon as school is over they do their chores first thing and Xander has really stepped up. He gets home asks for a snack and than he gets going on his chores, sometimes all on his own without me saying anything. As they get older I plan to add more chores or make the current chores more difficult, I just want to make sure they are age appropriate and the allowance will grow along with the chores.

I am planning on this teaching our kids to work hard and that you need to work hard for things you want. In today’s time schools, parenting and society in general are becoming easier on our children. Today children feel entitled and do not have to work as hard as we did growing up for the things they want. I hope these lessons will follow my children through their lives and in every part of their lives.

I am upset with myself that I did not start this sooner. Granted they are not doing much yet, but it has been helpful that their rooms are getting cleaned up much easier and with less hassle and there are a few less things that I have to do. If you are not doing this with your children I suggest you try, it might be difficult at first but in the end they will learn a lot and it will make things more helpful for you.


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