Sick Days….Are the Worst!!

Well this week has been something else! My middle child, 4 year old Arianna, has been sick. Earlier this week she has been congested and Saturday morning she woke up with a cough. I did not think much of it with this weather being crazy and all. Sunday she started with having a very low fever and complaining that she was not feeling well. Monday she was burning up that I did not even bother taking her temperature and she was coughing so much and she started to freak out that she puked. She went to lay down in my bed to watch a movie around 10 in the morning and fell asleep for 4 to 5 hours.

On top of that the baby, 3 month old Scarlett, is congested and really fussy. Not running a fever or anything, but watery and goopy eyes and a runny nose. She is 100% breastfed and I read that breast milk is suppose to help the eyes if you put breast milk  in them, so I thought why not try it. Well the easiest way I thought to do it was while she was eating and my milk starts to come down I would detach her and spray it right in her eyes. That was a very comical moment! I do have to say that I am not completely surprised with how awesome breast milk is, but it actually worked. The next morning she woke up with no goop in her eyes and they were just a little watery.

On top of both girls not feeling well the baby swing died on us this week. We attempted to try to see if we could fix it and we just ended up breaking it even more. So I ordered another swing online. What is so crappy about this is that Scarlett loves the swing and takes her morning and afternoon naps in the swing. For the last week I was having to lay her on my lap and pat her on the back and bottom or try to put her in her crib and have her sooth herself to sleep. We have even had to hold her in our arms while bouncing her or swaying to get her to fall asleep, at times we had to do this while walking around the house. She has been fighting her sleep so bad this week with no swing, on top of not feeling 100%.

To top off this crappy week I started not feeling well. This weather has been crazy with being 50 degrees one day and freezing and snowing the next. It has messed with my fibromyalgia and my sinuses so bad. I have been in chronic body pain this week and have taken so much pain meds. I have been really congested too, the kind where I am sleeping on my side at night able to breathe out of one nostril and a tissue stuck up the other.

Well I am thrilled to say today we got our new swing I ordered. I did not hesitate a second to start putting it together. Now she is in it sleeping away and I am actually able to do things for longer than 5 minutes and get things done. So this weekend is probably going to be filled of getting things done that has gotten backed up this week or has been ignored this week.


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