Thirties…..How time changes things!

I recently turned the BIG 30!! It was just any other birthday, nothing big. I was expecting to feel different or at least feel something. But instead it was like any other day. I can sit here and look back in my last 30 years of life that I have learned a ton, made friends, did a lot and of course made too many mistakes to count or remember.

I have noticed a few changes with myself getting a little older. I have not changed too much but I can first see my body slipping. I am not nearly in as good of shape as I once was, which is to be expected when one has three children. Granted I gave birth to the third back in November, but I see my body is taking a lot longer to get back together with this one. Along with my fibromyalgia I have low motivation and energy to get the things I need to get done and sometimes just to move around.

Speaking of my body a major change that I have recently noticed is a fact I’m not that happy with.  I read an article that stated it is healthier for your hair to part it differently every now and then, so I started to try it. In the process of parting my hair on the other side I noticed a nice shiny gray hair, than after that I found another. I kept looking and ended up finding a total of about 6 to 7 gray hairs. I guess for my genetics I am lucky, with my mother starting to get gray hairs at the age of 15. Still it just points out the fact that I am getting older and besides coloring my hair there is nothing much I can do about it. I will tell you this though, I will not be parting my hair on that side anymore!

One last big change I have noticed with my aging is that my mind and interests have grown in maturity. I have found myself watching more on politics and taking a greater interest in the presidential race. I have noticed my choices in books have grown to more of a self improvement path, I guess I have decided to broaden my horizons. I have noticed I am voicing my opinions more and actually accepting my opinion and point of view. I also do not have a tendency to go out much unless it entails my children’s activities or errands like grocery shopping.

I do know as time goes on more changes will come as well. I do feel these changes are heading in the right direction and I am becoming the person I was intended to become. I will keep working on myself and keep everyone informed on the path.


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