My son attends a local public school and is in the second grade. I ran across an issue a while back that I thought was completely ridiculous and was not important for this issue to be in the school handbook and for it to be such a problem.

Children’s favorite times of the years is holidays like Christmas and their birthdays. My son had his birthday a while back in October. I, like many parents have done before me, made birthday invitations on the computer. I sent a bunch with him to school to pass out to all his friends and anyone he wanted to invite. I know that some kids can be mean and try to talk him into giving them an invitation even if he wouldn’t want to, I also sent a bunch to school with him so I did not want him to feel obligated to pass out all of them. So I told him to pass out invites to his friends he wanted to invite to his party and not to feel like he had to pass out all of them.

He gets home from school that day with a look on his face like he thought he was going to get into trouble, I asked him what was wrong. He said that he did not have anymore invitations and needed me to print off four more to pass out to the rest of his class. He told me that his teacher said he had to invite every student in his class if she was going to let him pass them out to anyone. I did not like someone telling me what I had to do, especially in regards to my own child and his birthday.

So I contacted the school to ask about this. I was told that it was in the handbook that no personal invitations were to be passed out at school, this was up to the teacher if she was going to let him pass them out or not. I told them I thought that was ridiculous to have something like that in the school handbook, this was a little child’s birthday party and this is where he sees his friends. I told the front desk lady that I understand that know one wants to see a child’s feelings be hurt and see them upset, but that was not the responsibility of the school, its the responsibility of the parents. She confirmed that this seems to be the main reason this issue is in the handbook. So I just printed out more invitations and gave them to him.

My main concern of giving invites to the entire class is that public schools classrooms typically have 20 or more students and I was having the party at our home. What if a bunch shows up and I don’t have the room or enough food? What if there was a student in his class that bullies him? What if a student in the class has parents that I know and they are not the best people? So I just got angry for a short period, talked it off with my mother and moved on.

Well as you know Valentine’s day was just recently and the student council sells suckers for .25 cents that you can send to any student you want. I never give my son the money to do this but other parents do. My son comes home on Friday before Valentine’s day after his party and stated that he did not get any suckers. That a girl in his class got a bunch. He was not upset or his feelings was not hurt, but how is this much different. There are tons of students that did not get suckers and not every student would have gotten a birthday invitation from my son. I do understand that the student council is making a little bit of money for the suckers, but how is this any different? This can hurt the student’s feelings about not getting any suckers just like it could hurt a student’s feelings about not getting an invitation to my son’s party.

I told my son that you do not always get what you want in life, but that does not mean that you need to get upset about that. Just work hard and do what makes you happy. This is just a really small situation, but it makes me wonder what is going on with our school system today. I do not remember all these ridiculous rules and all these days off when I was in school and I turned out just fine and I do not feel so entitled like other students today feel. What is going on? Please comment below with your thoughts. I would love to hear your take on this situation or our school system.


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