Decision Time

I have always been a person that saw myself as a career woman, I never thought when I started having children and building my family that I would have the desire to stay home. I enjoy working and working very hard in that job, but I have found in my experience that it is very hard for me to have that enjoyment and work ethic here at home.

I have been going back and forth from working at a job from being a homemaker and vice versa. So I have started to ask myself how to make the best of both worlds and my common solution that I keep coming up with is being at home with my family while doing what I enjoy. I completed a good portion of my education while being a homemaker and I have started raising some pretty well behaved children too, so I know I can make a go of this.

So once I found this vehicle of becoming a “mommy blogger” I had to decide what topics to write about. So here I am starting with my very first post discussing my decision of starting this venture. My very first enjoyment in life right now is my children and family so it is only fitting to start writing about my children and my family’s life. Today everything is getting more expensive and it can be very challenging on being a homemaker and living off of one paycheck. So I am grateful to our situation and of course my wonderful husband on having the ability to being home with my children.

This venture gives me the chance to have something else to do besides the daily activities of tending to the children, cooking, cleaning, etc. I do not get up, get ready and commute to a job everyday, because I am already at my place of employment. With my daily life revolving around my children who are eight, four and three months I do not get much adult interaction, so this for me is an acceptable substitution.

I first started to wonder if I would have the time to write my blog posts and still be able to complete my daily activities. I have decided that my sanity is very important for myself, my husband and my children that I can make the time to do something I enjoy. Sometimes it is okay to have certain things fall by the waist side to make yourself and your loved ones happy, and when momma is happy everyone is happy! I assume this venture at times might require me to multitask, but luckily I don’t mind that. So I hope I can reach some of you on a personal level and be able to connect with you all as well. I hope you enjoy this new venture along with me and enjoy what I have to say as well. God Bless!


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